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July 2[]

New colloquial saying[]

Hi First long time fan and donator to Wikipedia

How can I place a new saying on Wikipedia?

It is "Ripped up" I came up with and use, what the meaning and the use of is; That's ripped up! Is for a Situation that is completely unusual, or very funny

Also extremely offensive, but not demeaning

Donald Trump winning the 2016 election was "Ripped-up" because it was unexpected and a surprising result

Many uses to the saying, but better than swearing like saying, "that was/is f***ed


Chris— Preceding unsigned comment added by ( • contribs)

Wikipedia is not for things that were made up one day. Per WP:NEOLOGISM, a new term must be in widespread use and written about in independent reliable sources to merit an article. 331dot (talk) 01:50, 2 July 2020 (UTC)
Even if that were worth noting, then it would be worth noting as a lexical item. These go in dictionaries, and Wikipedia, a mere encyclopedia, doesn't purport to be a dictionary. Perhaps try Wiktionary. -- Hoary (talk) 01:54, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

Typed in wrong username[]

Hello I accidentally typed in a typical username I use but now, ten minutes after opening y account I realize I would like to use my real name, Rory Lewis - not a username. Can you change minedice to rorylewis or something like my name?


Rory — Preceding unsigned comment added by ( • contribs) 05:08, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

This question is the only thing you've used this login for. The simplest thing to do is to just abandon it and create User:rorylewis instead. By the way, please remember to sign to this and other talk and discussion pages with four tildes (~) Rojomoke (talk) 05:42, 2 July 2020 (UTC)
Keep in mind that you don't have to use rorylewis. Wikipedia has no problem with spaces or capital letters, so you can create Rory Lewis as your username if that's what you want to do. --Guy Macon (talk) 05:54, 2 July 2020 (UTC)
Also note that the first character is automatically capitalized so rorylewis becomes Rorylewis which is already taken. Rory Lewis is available. PrimeHunter (talk) 07:47, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

New Page[]

I created a page using my username for an actor I manage but after publishing it still doesn't come up in the search.— Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 2 July 2020 05:59 (UTC)

@: Hello, what you have created is a draft in your sandbox at . There are a number of issues with this draft, which if submitted via WP:AFC would be declined. The formatting issues can be resolved but you *must* read WP:COI and WP:PAID (the latter page is mandatory under the terms of use) and make the necessary decalarations. Content in praise of the subject should also be removed. You are also not permitted a username which implies shared or corporate use. A change can be requested via WP:UNC. You should also study the guide to article creation and the manual of style together with links which will be left at your talk page. For future reference the 'publish' button equates to 'save' but was renamed for some not very clear reason to do with copyright. When you consider the draft ready for mainspace, you can place {{subst:submit}} at the top of the source which will submit it for review via AFC. It will not be indexed by search engines for 90 days after creation in mainspsce or until it has been patrolled, whichever is the shorter period. Eagleash (talk) 06:22, 2 July 2020 (UTC)
  • Note: Blocked (username). Eagleash (talk) 06:26, 2 July 2020 (UTC)
It's too bad, because what the world is calling for right now is more feel good info about about people with a unique singing voice, muscular physique, and eclectic personality! ;-) TimTempleton (talk) (cont) 20:05, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge[]

Ref 229 is all wrong. Please do not get angry - it is from a publication. I tried very hard. Please leave in quote. Sorry thanks (talk) 08:15, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

You had given the date as "1848 - ", which was not accepted as valid. I have corrected it to "1848". Maproom (talk) 09:05, 2 July 2020 (UTC)
@: Nobody is angry here. Curious perhaps, but not angry. TimTempleton (talk) (cont) 20:03, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

Adding an article[]

I was trying to add information about Oliver C Morse III who was the person for whom the morse nunataks were named.

This was done for the benefit of his widow. Oliver passed away last year.

When I went back it was removed with a rather nasty comment by "Premeditated Chaos".

Is it possible to just add an article about Oliver C Morse III that contains a brief bio and references the Morse Nunataks article?

Thank you for your time.


() 08:58, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

Hello, . I agree that Premeditated Chaos's edit comment was inappropriate, and would like to remind them of WP:CIVIL and WP:DBTN. But having said that, I think they were right to remove that material from that article.
It is certainly possible that an article could be written about Morse, provided the independent sources exist to establish that he meets Wikipedia's criteria for notability. Note that Wikipedia is basically not interested in what the subject of an article did, said, or published, but what people unconnected with them published about them: the material you added did not contain a single independent reference, and so does not really belong in any Wikipedia article.
Unfortunately, creating a new article is one of the hardest tasks in editing Wikipedia, and I never recommend that new editors try it straight away; but you may if you wish: see your first article to get started. You might ask at a suitable WikiProject if you can find one - perhaps one of the subprojects of WP:WikiProject Science. --ColinFine (talk) 17:27, 2 July 2020 (UTC)
@: With a simple Google search of Morse, I'm not seeing enough for a standalone article, but you could add info about his work with lighting to lighting related articles, if it's indeed groundbreaking. TimTempleton (talk) (cont) 20:01, 2 July 2020 (UTC)


Who is the prohet of doom? — Preceding unsigned comment added by () 08:58, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

You're better off asking at the Reference desk. This is more for editing questions. TimTempleton (talk) (cont) 19:53, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

Changes Susant singh rajput cause of death[]

Hi Sir, It's my request you to please edit Indian talented actor late Susant singh rajput cause of death portion in his wikipedia page. Police still investigating his reason behind death and it's not seem suicide so far. Police trying to pretend it suicide but Susant's death not seems like that it can be murder also. So please edit that portion from his page.

Thank and refards, Manas Halder — Preceding unsigned comment added by () 10:09, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

  • Relates to Sushant Singh Rajput; Please see the multiple discussions and requests at the article talk page. Please make requests for edits at that talk page. Thank you. Eagleash (talk) 10:37, 2 July 2020 (UTC)
... that talk page being Talk:Sushant Singh Rajput. —[AlanM1 (talk)]— 00:22, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Fort Hood Army post name change petition[]

On July 1, a petition was started in an effort to get the army to change the name of the based named after a Confederate General John Bell Hood to PFC Vanessa Guillen in honor of her service to this country and help spread the message of eliminating sexual harassment and sexual assault within the Army. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 10:32, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

, at the top of this page, you read: "This page is only for questions about using Wikipedia". Do you have a question about using Wikipedia? -- Hoary (talk) 12:47, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

Edit Changed[]

The article I had updated has been changed and I don't fully agree with the conclusion that it was promotional or spam. What is needed is very clear instructions on adding information. The information which is informative will not always come from academic journals, in this case, the link had references to the relevant academic journals and to the website of the BBC. Therefore, It Is unfathomable as to how the decision was made. Happy to contribute to this platform, however very clear instructions are needed because editing and authoring takes time. It would be wasting time if these edits are simply reverted. If there is an absolute rule on referencing back to any website that an author may have a connection with then this needs to be clearly stated. You can't expect users to spend five hours crawling through the website to find this information it needs to be easily accessible. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 15:10, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

, the content you added to Psychological trauma contained a direct external link (Wikipedia articles should not contain external links in their main text) to a blog (Wikipedia does not regard blogs as a reliable source) which features an interview with you (Wikipedia disapproves of editors adding links to their own work). I expect that everyone who has read this far will agree with what you say in the interview. But Wikipedia has rules which make it possible for it to work as a cooperative project, and you have inadvertently broken several of these. Maproom (talk) 15:37, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

What happens when accused of sockpuppetry?[]

Hi, I'm a new user. I recently joined to make an edit on a page but the page was protected. I joined the discussion regarding this but have been accused of being a sock puppet. I was wondering what the standard procedure for this is as I'm still getting to grips with Wikipedia (my experience of editing pages is through Wordpress). — Preceding unsigned comment added by DarkerDai (talkcontribs) 15:11, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

@DarkerDai: Please see Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/SPI/Guidance#Defending_yourself_against_claims. Victor Schmidt (talk) 16:14, 2 July 2020 (UTC)
@Victor Schmidt: thank you — Preceding unsigned comment added by DarkerDai (talkcontribs) 16:19, 2 July 2020 (UTC)

July 3[]

Image removal request[]

PLEASE REMOVE IMAGE'S FROM THIS PAGE SEARCH FOR View source for Identity document THANK YOU — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 00:22, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Please see the response at Talk:Identity document#Semi-protected edit request on 3 July 2020 and your talk page. —[AlanM1 (talk)]— 00:59, 3 July 2020 (UTC)


Can I be an Editor of Wikipedia and have my own article — Preceding unsigned comment added by () 01:54, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

@: Yes, you can be an editor at Wikipedia. You can start at Wikipedia:introduction, which will tell you most of the basic stuff to get started. Howewer, Wikipedia most likely will not have an article about you. Nobody "owns" a Wikipedia article. Victor Schmidt mobil (talk) 05:54, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

error in William H Brown III article[]

Please note I followed Clifford Alexander as Chairman of EEOC and was followed by John Powell. The reverse of what is reported. William H Brown III — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2601:45:4004:D800:F96A:949F:2354:E14 () 04:07, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Fixed in William H. Brown III -Arch dude (talk) 05:52, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge[]

Please do not get angry - I am truly stuck and I have tried and tried and would really appreciate assistance. In the "Ancestry" section - 1st line - the link to Captain Peter Middleton should go to the "Parents of Michael Middleton" section on the Family of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge page - but it does not. Please help. Thanks so much. () 06:14, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

 Done. Maproom (talk) 11:14, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

I wish to move File:The Charlatans in 1967.jpg to File:The Charlatans in 1965.jpg[]

was taken in 1965, thus should be:

File:The Charlatans in 1965.jpg
Greene, Herb (1965). "Charlatans, 1965; from the "Acid Age of San Francisco Rock" portfolio". Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago. Archived from the original on 2020-07-03. Retrieved 2020-07-03. Date: 1965; printed 2005; Medium: Gelatin silver print; Dimensions: image: 16 in x 15 3/4 in; paper: 22 in x 18 in; Accession Number: 2016:11.13;

how can this be moved?

0mtwb9gd5wx (talk) 07:49, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Place {{rename media|The Charlatans in 1965.jpg|<your source>}} at the . An admin will then rename the file for you.Victor Schmidt mobil (talk) 07:57, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge[]

Please, I am not trying to be difficult, can an editor who is available for assistance please look at my request 2 items up on this wikipedia help desk page. It is regarding this article on Catherine. I always really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. () 09:08, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

I've reverted your edits so that you can get it right next time. You have been told countless times that if you make errors and can't sort them out for yourself the place to ask is on the article's talk page, rather than repeatedly cluttering up the help desk when we know that you are determined never to learn from the advice which you are given here. --David Biddulph (talk) 10:09, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
And shortly thereafter, . -- Hoary (talk) 13:12, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

This Editor Again[]

Has she lost her password, or is she posting these questions logged out because she knows that she asks too many questions about references? (Better to ask questions about references than to not use references, but that is a very well-watched page.) Robert McClenon (talk) 19:31, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

@Robert McClenon: The editor always edits as an IP (for years). See contribs for and (possibly more). —[AlanM1 (talk)]— 04:16, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
User:AlanM1 - Almost always. See . Maybe she forgot to log out. Robert McClenon (talk) 08:28, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
@Robert McClenon and Hoary: So why is it that this is allowed to continue? At some point, WP:CIR, no? —[AlanM1 (talk)]— 18:15, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
Absolutely. This editor has been a time sink on the Help Desk for years, and repeatedly makes the same mistakes but never learns from the answers given here. He/she has been told on numerous occasions that if they are incapable of correcting their own errors (or remembering where the "Undo" button is) they should ask on the relevant article's talk page not here. I would certainly be in favour of a CIR block. --David Biddulph (talk) 23:44, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
If anyone makes such a proposal at WP:AN or WP:ANI, I will support it. I will be looking. We do know what her original account is; she used above. Robert McClenon (talk) 01:38, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

I'm A Royal Society of the art Fellow[]


I would like to be on the list Of Royal Society of the Arts Fellows Page

Linkedin Profile

You may call the Royal Society of the Arts to verify.

(redacted)— Preceding unsigned comment added by Jdm7dv (talkcontribs) 09:04, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Jdm7dv I assume you mean List of fellows of the Royal Society of Arts. List articles are not for listing every possible member of the list, but only those that merit Wikipedia articles. If you meet the special Wikipedia definition of a notable person and merit an article, someone should eventually take note of your work and choose to write about you. Autobiographical articles are highly discouraged per the autobiography policy. Also be advised that a Wikipedia article is not necessarily desirable. 331dot (talk) 09:09, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
@Jdm7dv: I removed the image of your RSA card from this post, since we ask everyone to NOT put personal info here, and because we would not use it as a source anywhere in Wikipedia. -Arch dude (talk) 14:30, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

How to make wikipedia page[]

Hello, I am making wikipedia page for myself. but wikipedia contributer deleted that draft and showing message like wikipedia is not a host. kindly help me out for from this problem. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 10:49, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Hello, , I will help you, but probably not the way you wanted. I will advise you to stop trying to create a Wikipedia article about yourself. If you do not meet the Wikipedia criteria for notability - most people don't - then all work that you and anybody else puts in to trying to create an article will be wasted. If you do meet these criteria, then there could be an article about you. You are strongly advised not to write an article about yourself, because you are likely to find it hard to write neutrally about yourself. Wikipedia is basically not interested in what the subject of an article says or wants to say about themselves, so if you tried to write about yourself you would have to forget everything you know about yourself, and just write it from independent material published about you: do you see how hard that would be? If you are notable, then eventually somebody uninvolved will choose to write an article about you: this article will not belong to you, you will not have control of its contents, and it could contain information that you would prefer that it did not. --ColinFine (talk) 11:03, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
(edit conflict) @: There are multiple messages at your talk page which at least go some way to explaining the problem. Wikipedia is not a form of social media where individuals can create articles about themselves in the manner of Facebook and similar sites. It is an encyclopedia where articles are created about subjects that pass the notability guidelines but they will be written by persons without any connection to the topic and will report upon what has been written about the subject in multiple independent, reliable sources by equally independent authors. Autobiographical articles are discouraged and may not always be a good idea. Eagleash (talk) 11:06, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

I need a little help[]

I am trying to edit and copy the text file in this format: Source:

         1900          1991            1992   
AL:   1,830,000      1,907,000       1,935,000
AK:      n/a            n/a             n/a
AZ:    124,000        131,000         138,000	

and NOT in the format it is

1900	1,830,000	n/a	124,000

            AL             AK            AZ
1900:   1,830,000          n/a         124,000 
1991:   1,907,000          n/a         131,000
1992:   1,935,000          n/a         138,000

This is for my school project, can I get some help on that? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 12:03, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Hello, . I think this relates to the article List of U.S. states and territories by historical population, and I get that it's something about changing the layout of a table, to index by state or by date. But I'm not sure exactly what you want to do. Is it the the table in the article has states as rows and years as columns, and the data in your source has it the other way round? If so, I think you're just going to have to copy the numbers individually, cell by cell. I don't think there's a tool for importing it as a whole. Or have I misunderstood what you're trying to do? --ColinFine (talk) 14:18, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
@: I added <pre>...</pre> around your pre-formatted text above to make it clearer what you are trying to say. This is necessary to preserve any kind of column alignment and newlines in text that you add – otherwise everything runs together. It's generally not suitable for articles (we have other formatting for that, like bullets and tables), but can be used on talk pages, like this one.
As far as the question, there are ways to do it using spreadsheets or text editors, but if you're not familiar with those already, the best way forward is just to (carefully please) type the numbers in or paste them in and then copy/paste to rearrange them. Hopefully, you're not trying to do this on a phone, which would be difficult to do accurately. —[AlanM1 (talk)]— 18:29, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Programmatic use of Wikipedia[]

On my website I have lists of museums in London. When a user wants more information I link them them to Wikipedia rather than building up my database. but if Wikipedia has no relevant entry, I want to take some other action. Is there any way of telling if Wikipedia has a given article or not?

Bev Rowe — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2A00:23C5:BA89:B601:549E:BEEC:E021:AF55 () 12:50, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

See mw:API:Search#Sample code. PrimeHunter (talk) 13:03, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Help:Cite errors/Cite error included ref[]

I am having trouble trying to work out what i need to to remove and re do my references and remove the red in citing ny draft for Paracommando Qualification — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 14:10, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

@: With this edit, the editor from whom you requested help gave an example of what is required. The missing parameters need to be added and / or completed. Please see Template:Cite web for all parameters, though not all are required in every instance, 'title', 'url', 'website', 'date', are the essential ones. Author's name if available (in the form of 'last=xxx|first=yyy'. Accessdate is also useful though apparently no longer seen as essential. Please note Wikipedia should not be used as a source. Eagleash (talk) 14:24, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
(edit conflict) Hello, . If you use citation templates such as {{cite web}} (which I recommend}, they require several bits of information which you haven't provided, such as the title. In fact, however you present citations, a URL is not usually the important part of a citation, it's just a convenience for the reader. The important bit is things like the title, author, date, and where it was published. Please read REFB. But in any case, the comments that Fiddle Faddle has put on your draft show that formatting your references is the least of your worries. Unless and until you find the reliable independent sources that are required to establish notability, then every single moment you have spent on this draft will have been wasted. --ColinFine (talk) 14:31, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
If 'cite web' is used but no url is added, then it tends to produce the error messages. Eagleash (talk) 15:29, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
, I have tried very hard to help you. I am willing to try harder. I am perplexed that you keep asking the question without implementing the answer. The answer doesn't change whoever you ask. If you would like my help please use my talk page. Let's take this a small step at a time Fiddle Faddle 14:38, 3 July 2020 (UTC)


Howdy! I wrote an article about the Ancient Near Eastern land of Agarum. I know how to add images, but I do not know how to add coordinates, text, &c. on an existing image. Could somebody add there a map, where Al-Ahsa Oasis, Bahrain Island, and Failaka Island are marked? (In the same way as the Al-Ahsa Oasis has a map with a red dot indicating its location?) This map might be a good starting point, especially if cropped to only depict the Persian Gulf and Eastern Arabia. (Modern state borders might be confusing here.) --Miihkali (talk) 14:40, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Miihkali, I cannot help you myself, but asking the question at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Geography would make sense. The editors there tend to be specialists Fiddle Faddle 14:47, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
Timtrent, thank you very much! --Miihkali (talk) 14:51, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

United Macedonian Diaspora article[]

I am seeking Admin support on the article. I have followed all Wikipedia procedures on editing articles and properly citing them, and have elaborated all of this in the deletion page of this article. Certain users nominated the article for deletion, and keep editing and deleting. Currently, there is a blatant copyright violation on the article for one of my additions. I tripled-checked and there are no copyright issues with my additions. I confirmed this with the Parliament of Australia website. The Australian Parliament specifically states " In essence, you are free to copy and communicate material on this website in its current form for all non-commercial purposes, as long as you attribute the author and abide by the other licence terms. General content from this website should be attributed as Parliament of Australia website." Source:

Can someone please look into this matter, confirm sources are reliable, and ensure that neutrality is respected? It seems that the users have a personal agenda or something on the organization. I cannot understand what's the problem. Macedonia1913 (talk) 14:42, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

@Macedonia1913: Text at Wikipedia is free for re-use even for commercial purposes. Since the Australian Parliament have released their text using a non-commercial license, CC-BY-NC-ND, it must not be pasted into Wikipedia. -- John of Reading (talk) (not an admin) 15:01, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
Thank you John of Reading. Can the text be summarized, and then used? Macedonia1913 (talk) 15:09, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
@Macedonia1913: Absolutely. That's how Wikipedia works. BUT, please read up on the sticky details of copyright law. "close paraphrasing" is not allowed since it retains the "creative elements" of the source: see Wikipedia:Close paraphrasing. You need to extract the information and then convey that information in your own words. Sorry about this: we at Wikipedia did not write the copyright laws, but we must abide by them. -Arch dude (talk) 15:14, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
@Arch dude: - super helpful, thanks! I paraphrased the Australian Parliament reports. Can you please check if I did the right thing? I would not want to have copyright issues. Macedonia1913 (talk) 15:38, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
Update: Even my paraphrase was deleted from the page with no apparent reason. Why? Macedonia1913 (talk) 16:49, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
Maybe the sources are reliable. But that's not enough. See WP:N. What is needed is significant coverage in reliable independent sources. Despite all the effort by Macedonia1913 and others, no such sources have been found. Maproom (talk) 15:30, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
@Maproom: I found numerous reliable and independent sources and added them to the article, you can check in the view history - all of these were deleted. My question is why? Does 1 chapter in a book published on, or a full Journal paper of 20 pages not constitute significant coverage? Macedonia1913 (talk) 15:41, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
@Macedonia1913: The most recent revert was for "primary sources" (WP:PRIMARY), not for copyvio. Please engage with the other editor on the article's talk page. Please assume good faith (WP:AGF) even (or especially!) if this assumption is suspect. If the two of you cannot reach a consensus, then and only then proceed as described in WP:DISPUTE. -Arch dude (talk) 17:18, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Lacking sources[]

Hello this D. A. Pennebaker article lacks references. I don't think it contains any incorrect statements, but I was trying to translate it to russian and it hard to search for all the sources and adding "citation needed" would be probably too many templates. So what should I do? I could try to cite everything myself but that someone else could do it much easier and faster.--DonGuess (talk) 15:42, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

@DonGuess: we are all volunteers, and each of us (about 100,000 active editors in any 30-day period) do whatever we want to do, in a chaotic crowdsourced fashion. Finding "someone else" to do this will be a challenge. You might try to post a request for help on the article's talk page: editors who have chosen to monitor that page might be willing to help. -Arch dude (talk) 17:25, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
Ok, but maybe I can add some of template or add the article to some sort of a category? — Preceding unsigned comment added by DonGuess (talkcontribs) 17:29, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
@DonGuess: You are correct: strewing {{fact}} around all over the place is not the best approach. According to its documentation: "For entire articles or sections that contain significant material lacking citations (rather than just specific short passages), there are other, more appropriate templates, such as {{Unreferenced}} and {{More citations needed}} (for whole articles) as well as {{Unreferenced section}} and {{Refimprove section}} (for sections of articles)." -Arch dude (talk) 22:37, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

How to I create a Wikipedia article?[]

I am attempting to make a Wikipedia for my grandfather, who was a songwriter in Nashville with Gary Stewart. I have created it in my sandbox and published it. Now how can I make it an actually Wikipedia article?

It also tells me that my account needs to be confirmed to upload photos. This is not the easiest system to work in. Help! — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 16:19, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Hello, . It's true that Wikipedia is not very easy: it's huge, and there is so much to understand about it. Unfortunately, you have done what many new editors do, and plunged straight into the one of the most difficult tasks there is in editing Wikipedia: creating a new article. Not only that, but you have taken on something even harder: creating an article about somebody you have a connection with. Wikipedia regards you as having a conflict of interest - this doesn't prevent you from creating an article, but it does make it harder for you.
You have also done the same thing as most new users do (and I did myself in the early days): you have written from what you know. Even if you did not have a connection with the subject, that it not how it works. Wikipedia isn't interested in what you know (or what I know, or what any random person on the internet knows) - even, or rather, especially, if you have a personal connection with the subject. What Wikipedia is interested in, solely, is information that is available in reliably-published sources; and, mostly, sources with no connection with the subject of an article.
So, to succeed in what you are trying to do, you need first of all to establish that your grandfather meets Wikipedia's criteria for notability by finding several places where people who have no connection with your grandfather, have chosen (unprompted by any information directly from him, such as interviews) to write at some length about him, and been published in reliable places (they don't have to be online: books from reputable publishers, or major magazines, are acceptable even if they're not available online) . If you cannot find such sources - and enough material in them to base almost the whole of the article on - then an article on him is never going to be acceptable, and any work you have already done will have been wasted. If you can find these sources, then you can go ahead and write the article entirely based on these sources. Photos are another complexity, and I certainly wouldn't worry about those until the article and its sources are in better shape.
If this sounds discouraging, well, I'm afraid it is, rather. What you have taken on is extremely difficult. But if you would like to leave that project aside, at least for the moment, and get involved with improving our encyclopaedia, you would be very welcome. When you have learnt something about how it works, you can see whether you want to pick it up again. I've put a welcome message, with some useful linke, on your user talk page. --ColinFine (talk) 16:48, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Article review[]

Hi Folks. I'm currently reviewing two articles for GA. I'm not that great at the application of WP:MOS, I tend to rely on the Gnomish folk, so I'm looking for an editor who knows the Manual of Style well, who wouldn't mind having a look at the two articles, and passing on any glaring or obvious fixes needing to be undertaking. Thanks. scope_creepTalk 17:31, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Scope creep, What are the GA's? CaptainEek Edits Ho Cap'n! 19:15, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
CaptainEek They are Talk:Manned Orbiting Laboratory/GA1 and Talk:Mitsuharu Misawa/GA1. scope_creepTalk 19:39, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
CaptainEek The first one is ready for a review of the MOS. The second is getting close. scope_creepTalk 19:40, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Can't find any outside verification[]

I am editing an article about an obscure battle and I can't find any outside verification that it happened. Do I put a note saying this on the article? How? There are also issues with the citations currently there, as they don't support the article except one anonymous source. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Lekarren (talkcontribs) 18:41, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

  • @Lekarren: Could you tell us which obscure battle article this is? Your contribution history only shows this post on the help desk and a similar post at the military history wikiproject.
At any rate, the article should not give facts that are not sourced to reliable sources. The mere fact that a battle is not attested in reliable historical sources does not mean that it does not deserve an article, if there is critical commentary of the story of that battle; but then it should clearly be labeled as fictional/mythical. For instance the Illiad describes possibly-real battles but involves a lot of supernatural interventions, and Ragnarök is set in the future so is not a historical event even for Norse-mythology believers. TigraanClick here to contact me 20:54, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Thank you for the reply. It is this Forgotten Campaign of the Manuripi Region. . It mentions a Lino Echeverria. I can't find anything mentioning him except blogs, with no author, that all have the same information, including in Spanish. I checked each of the sources in the article and they are anonymous and a YouTube video that doesn't address it. This "campaign" I can't find outside sources that aren't anonymous, as well. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Lekarren (talkcontribs) 00:26, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Hi Lekarren, I replied to your post over at Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Military_history/Coordinators#Query with a few references for you. Let me know if there's anything I can help with. Quick tip, if you end each of your talk page posts with four tildes (~~~~) it'll post your signature so we know who you are and stop the "Preceding unsigned comment" message - Dumelow (talk) 06:43, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Categorizing Redirects[]

We have a complex set of template categories for redirects, complex enough that we have shells to put them in. I have a two-part question. The first is where there is a general set of instructions for categorizing redirects. There is a list of categories, but it isn't organized. If I create or tweak a redirect, I would like to categorize it correctly, but I often cannot find the correct category, and sometimes when I guess at the category, it stares at me in red (so that I have to tweak it again), and occasionally it stares back at me with a weird error message saying that I am using that redirect category in the wrong namespace (and I have to tweak it again). Where is there a general set of instructions for categorizing redirects?

Second, I have a very specific question about a redirect that I am not sure I got right. It is John S. Kenyon. There are two people with that name and that initial. The redirect sends you to John Kenyon (disambiguation), because we don't need . But what is the right way to disambiguate the redirect when there are two people with that form of the name and it sends you to a list of six or eight people?

Robert McClenon (talk) 19:26, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

@Robert McClenon: The closest thing I know of is the navbox {{R template index}}. —[AlanM1 (talk)]— 04:25, 4 July 2020 (UTC)


I just found a link to a sandbox in Category:People who faked their own death, should that be there? Naihreloe (talk) 23:20, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

No, Naihreloe, it shouldn't be there: ordinary categories should only contain articles (in main space). The standard way of dealing with this is to edit the sandbox, to insert a colon between the [[ and the 'Category': this will refer to the category, and be displayed on the page, but not put the draft into the category. Once the draft is accepted to mainspace, then the colon can be removed. --ColinFine (talk) 23:28, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
Am I allowed to edit it? I don't want to go fiddling about in someone else's sandbox if it's not allowed! Naihreloe (talk) 23:29, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
I think you are, as User:ColinFine said that ordinary categories should only contain articles. Make sure you only edit the sandbox to remove the category and don't mess with the actual content. JIP | Talk 23:36, 3 July 2020 (UTC)
Yes, Naihreloe, you are, in cases like this. See WP:UOWN. --ColinFine (talk) 14:19, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

July 4[]

Vidya Balan actress date of birth[]

Vidya Balan actress date of birth

1 January 1979 Or 1 January 1978

Don't do mistakes. Trust on your info is questionable now. Approved both dates by wiki.

Unreliable — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2402:1980:245:B563:6716:D37:A611:5EB5 () 01:50, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Our article, Vidya Balan, lists the date as 1 January 1979. It has a reference to an interview done in 2016, where Vidya is quoted as saying that this is her date of birth. Apparently, at some time in the past Wikipedia had the other date, and we corrected it after that interview. -Arch dude (talk) 04:39, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
If you are interested in the history of this date change, look at Talk:Vidya Balan/Archive 1. -Arch dude (talk) 04:53, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
Please be aware, OP, that it is quite common for incorrect birth dates/ages of actors to be circulated by the actors themselves or by managers and publicists working for them. Sometimes it's advantageous to pretend they're younger than they really are to appeal to fans or to convince directors or other potential employers that they're not "too old" for certain roles; sometimes they might want to be thought older for similar reasons, or to avoid laws surrounding the employment of actors who are legally children. {The poster formerly known as} (talk) 15:49, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
Individuals are poorer sources than you'd expect for for facts about themselves, including birthdates. It's not always intentional.
Stan Kenton believed that he was born on February 19 of 1912. He recorded Birthday In Britain on February 19, 1973, and the incorrect birthdate is on his gravestone. And in his New York Times obituary. And a lot of other sources. But he wasn't. His birth certificate has it right: December 15 1911. His parents changed to hide that he was conceived out of wedlock. This is not uncommon.
Other times there's just a technical discrepancy. Was Gene Tierney born on November 19 or 20 of 1920? I don't know. Her autobiography and her heirs say the 20th; the Social Security Administration begs to differ. Families tell stories, records are filled out wrong... who knows.
And of course as mentioned there's people playing cute. This is common. Isn't it generally in many actresses interests to present as a year younger. Even if not, Balan herself is not a good source for her own birthdate. She was present but not in a condition to take notes. If there are reasonably decent refs contradicting her, then no, we shouldn't take her word for it. We'd need something more official or solid, preferably a birth certificate. Absent that, if its disputed, we shouldn't present as fact information that we aren't sure of, so we should either go with "born [date] or [date]", or just say nothing. Herostratus (talk) 19:39, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

James Bryce, 1st Viscount Bryce[]

Please help - the new photo file -,_1st_Viscount_Bryce#/media/File:Middleton_in-law_Viscount_Bryce_(far_left)_beside_Prince_Arthur_in_top_hat._1911_copyright_Library_of_Congress_(2).jpg - is way too big on the page right now. Please adjust - I cannot. The caption below should read "1911 - Viscount Bryce (far left) beside Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn - Governor of Canada (also in top hat)" Thanks and sorry again () 06:36, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

 Done. Maproom (talk) 07:17, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Please put the link onto this name in the newly added photo file (see above) - Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn

I cannot do this on my device - please do not get angry

Thankyou () 07:14, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

 Done. Maproom (talk) 07:19, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Can I use Wikipedia Contents on my report?[]

Can I use Wikipedia Contents on my report? (Same as title.) -dero () 08:12, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Please Use Ping when you reply me... (If you can) -dero () 08:12, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
-dero, in the left hand margin on any article is the option "Cite this page" on the Tools section of the left hand margin. Wikipedia content may be used with this attribution. That is part of the licencing. As a matter of good practice any report containing external material, in whole or in part, should always use a proper citation to that page. Wikipedia is no exception to that rule. Fiddle Faddle 08:58, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
First, thanks for your reply. But, I meant the trust of content that can usable on report, not license. -dero () 09:09, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
-dero, Not sure I understand your question, are you wondering about Reliability of Wikipedia/Wikipedia:General disclaimer? I recommend this [1] video. Gråbergs Gråa Sång (talk) 09:43, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
Oh Thanks. -dero () 10:02, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
@-dero: Most university professors and many high school teachers disallow the use if Wikipedia as a reference. Instead, you should read the references that the Wikipedia article cites, and then cite them. -Arch dude (talk) 14:25, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
@-dero: To AD's note above, I'd like to add that, in addition to reading it to verify the information, you should evaluate the reliability of the source yourself before citing it. While our policy is at WP:RS, many of our articles contain poor sources which you may not want to cite. It's a big wiki, and some things that shouldn't be here manage to slip in. —[AlanM1 (talk)]— 00:04, 5 July 2020 (UTC)
Thanks a lot. -dero () —Preceding undated comment added 01:05, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

Edit count[]

Is there any templates that contains user edits...? -dero () —Preceding undated comment added 08:14, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

@-dero: Yes, check out WP:COUNT. — Richard BB 08:38, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
That is on Extension:Editcount on mediawiki. Thanks. -dero () 09:10, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Is it possible to search edit summaries?[]

I often patrol recent changes, but I wondered if there was a way to filter edits that have been made with a specific edit summary. For example, if a user made an edit and left the word "genre" in the summary, is it possible to search all recent changes with this keyword? — Richard BB 08:37, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Richard BB, Alas, I do not know of such a way. You can search the tags that are given to edit summaries, but not the summaries themselves. CaptainEek Edits Ho Cap'n! 19:14, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Template:User alternative user page[]

Hi, I created a template named User alternative user page. But, it isn't working either due to wrong parameters or creation. Can you please help? Thank you. Empire AS Talk! 11:51, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

@Empire AS: The intended output is a little unclear to me. Can you give examples of what you want the text to say with and without optional parameters? PrimeHunter (talk) 12:21, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

@PrimeHunter, Actually, I want to make the text say that "This user has another user page on another Wiki" by leaving parameters empty. And if both parameters are filled, then " This user has another user page(1st parameter) on Urdu Wikipedia, Wikidata (2nd parameter)". Where 1st parameter is link to your second user page and 2nd parameter is name of the second wiki containing your second user page. Thank you. Empire AS Talk! 13:28, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

@Empire AS: It's still unclear, e.g. whether you really want to display the 1st parameter in parentheses without a space in front or you have a piped link or something else in mind, and how you expect the name of another wiki to produce two links "Urdu Wikipedia, Wikidata". Please give a real example as in "The call ... should produce the output ...". Don't just say "1st parameter" and "2nd parameter". That's not what example means. PrimeHunter (talk) 13:49, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

@PrimeHunter, If 1st paramater=link=[2], or any other link, then it should be shown next to words "another user page" as external link. If 2nd parameter=wiki name=Urdu, French, Chinese, Wikidata, Wikimedia commons or any other wiki. For example, "This user has another user page on Wikidata." Similarly " This user has another user page on Urdu Wikipedia. Did you get it? Thank you. Empire AS Talk! 15:01, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

@Empire AS: No, there is still too much which is open to interpretation when you don't give a real example call with real parameter values and output, and your partial examples don't even match your description. You first say the link should be next to "another user page" but then show a link on user page. If you want the parameter value Urdu to produce Urdu Wikipedia but Wikidata to produce Wikidata then the required parsing to recognize language names versus wiki names is also a bit complicated for a minor template. I give up trying to figure out what you want. PrimeHunter (talk) 15:39, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
Empire AS, Is this what you are looking for ?
|info=This user has an alternative {{#if:{{{link|}}}|[{{{link|}}} user page]|[[Wikipedia:User page|user page]]}} on {{#if:{{{wikipedia name|}}}|{{{wikipedia name|}}}|another}} wiki. - Timbaaa -> ping me 15:47, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

@Timbaaa, yes you are right. I wanted to say this thing which you explained.

RE: Old Fashioned Doughnuts.[]

The book 'Farmer Boy' relates doughnut dough rolled out flat, then cut into squares / rectangles. Once given a simple twist, they rolled in the hot oil, not needing to be turned. On the farm no need for really fancy round things that needed more attention to get done properly. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2601:245:4200:590:843D:432:DC15:A80C () 18:54, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

If you'd like to suggest a change to old fashioned donut, please do so at: Talk:Old-fashioned doughnut. CaptainEek Edits Ho Cap'n! 19:13, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

What links here[]

When you click the "what links here" (within an article) ... did not there used to be a choice where I could indicate "list redirect pages only"? Or some such? Did something change? Thanks. Example: [3]. In this example, I don't see the option (check-mark box), where I previously could have checked off "list redirect pages only". It was usually toward the top section, somewhere. Thanks. Joseph A. Spadaro (talk) 19:30, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

@Joseph A. Spadaro: The link was made by MediaWiki:Linkshere. It was an external tool which died so it was removed in [4]. PrimeHunter (talk) 20:44, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
Thanks. What do you mean that "it died"? Can it be brought back, as a feature/function? Thanks. Joseph A. Spadaro (talk) 21:51, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)/Archive 182#Redirects tool URL misdirected? says the domain has lapsed. may still work but linking to an IP address in the interface may be controversial. The tool owner has been contacted with no reply at User Dispenser hasn't edited since March. I don't know whether a working domain is coming back. PrimeHunter (talk) 22:16, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

How can I contribute[]

Hi, I have autism and would like to create a WikiProject about autism spectrum. I saw a WikiProject of autism in the article of autism but I think it's all medical-related, is there any WikiProject about *people* with autism? I think I've known a few that would be worth to be included. Thank you for your open-mindedness! If I am placing this question in the wrong help section, please make me know politely, I feel stomachache when I read aggressive responses. Thank you!. CoryGlee (talk) 21:42, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

@CoryGlee: Welcome to Wikipedia and thanks for wanting to help. I think that Wikipedia:WikiProject_Autism is the right place to get started. In addition to working on articles about Autism, the project also works on "Any Articles about someone who is Publicly Known to Have Aspergers or Autism", which sounds like what you are expressing interest in. RudolfRed (talk) 22:26, 4 July 2020 (UTC)
@RudolfRed: duh, I didn't notice that, my apologies ha ha. That's exactly what I wanted. I thank you very much. I cherish you all :) CoryGlee (talk) 23:00, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Problem with a locked wiki page[]

This page displays non factual information in its title and is actually incredibly inflammatory the county name being displayed wrong. — Preceding unsigned comment added by () 23:59, 4 July 2020 (UTC)

Which page? —[AlanM1 (talk)]— 00:18, 5 July 2020 (UTC)
If a Wikipedia article is locked against editing, it probably has either seen a lot of vandalism, or it is in a highly contentious area. Either way, anybody who thinks the article can be improved is welcome to place an edit request on the article's talk page, preferably with a citation to a reliable published source for the change. --ColinFine (talk) 00:23, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

July 5[]

I believe this page is being Racist and predisposition against white south Africans in general[]

This page is Racist and provocative against white people in general, where we have been in a democracy since 1994 "so called" but have implemented laws sutch as Affirmative Action that Promotes Braud based Black economic empowerment where it makes it extremely difficult for white people in South Africa to get a Job that pays a salary, we have Black ministers in Parlement that earn 3-5million per annum and white people are generalized like krooks Wikipedia is So Racist and provocative it discusses me — Preceding unsigned comment added by () 02:49, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

That Graph is used in two articles on the English Wikipedia: Apartheid and South Africa. The graph takes data from a reliable source. If you would like to discuss the graph and its use in those articles, you may do so on the articles' talk pages. Vague accusations of "racism" without references to reliable sources are unlikely to be productive. -Arch dude (talk) 03:53, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

Would you help Japanese Wikipedia about articles sock puppets of Smile Lee made?[]

Hello, everyone. I'm one of users who have contributed to mainly Japanese Wikipedia. Today, I need your advice about some articles on Japanese Wikipedia made by User:Smile_Lee who is blocked in English Wikipedia.(See also Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Smile Lee/Archive)

His sock puppets made articles about Heaven Sent Gaming for advertising in Japanese Wikipedia, as well as here. Just of late, I noticed the existence of these articles and his sock puppets, so I requested for deletion of the article of Heaven Sent Gaming in Japanese Wikipedia(ja:Wikipedia:削除依頼/ヘヴン・セント・ゲーミング). However, a user named カナダカナダ (lit.CanadaCanada), maybe another sock puppet of Smile Lee, argued "keep" presenting some sources on Heaven Sent Gaming(see below).

We can say it is perfectly unknown in Japan, but in US, we can't with assurance. Would you tell me whether Heaven Sent Gaming passes notability test or not?

  • sources presented
  1. Heaven Sent Gaming combines couple’s talents for words, images - Albuquerque Journal
  2. Local couple celebrates 1 decade of ‘Heaven Sent Gaming’ - KQRE

Please help us. -- () 04:33, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

I am not sure we can help you. Every Wikipedia has its own standards for notability and other guidelines for if an article is acceptable or not. I suggest asking on the Japanese Wikipedia help desk for assistance. RudolfRed (talk) 05:01, 5 July 2020 (UTC)
@: I do not believe we would consider the subject notable based on just these two sources. The sources are themselves reliable by our definition, but they are basically reporting local news in a city of moderate size. You will need to evaluate notability yourself based on the criteria of the Japanese project. -Arch dude (talk) 05:17, 5 July 2020 (UTC)
Thanks to おいしい豚肉 for addressing this. There was way, way too much time wasted on on English Wikipedia. Deletion discussions, deletion reviews, and also vanity articles for him and his friends (Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Draft:Heaven Sent Gaming, as just one example) and probably others I'm forgetting. He also added his website as spam to many unrelated articles. Smile Lee has been hunting for any source he can find to prop-up notability. These socks tried to cite Wikinews and Wikidata entries (both of which he almost certainly created himself), and it looks like that's happening again with カナダカナダ. Grayfell (talk) 06:28, 5 July 2020 (UTC)
I see that, at Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Draft:Heaven Sent Gaming, there was a vote "Strong Delete and Transwiki" by Salvidrim!. Maybe he could help. Maproom (talk) 08:26, 5 July 2020 (UTC)
To clarify, that !vote was from SmileLee (or a sock thereof), I simply copied it into the MfD. And I also added context. But I think the AfD, MfD, DRV all demonstrate that the community heavily leans towards this article subject not passing English Wikipedia's threshold for notability. Ben · Salvidrim!  09:37, 5 July 2020 (UTC)☺

delete my uploaded images[]

i like to delete me uplaoded images instantly? How do i do that? (talk) 06:02, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

, only administrators can delete pages or files. In some circumstances, you may be able to add {{Db-author}} to the page to request it be deleted, but this only applies where you were the only contributor, and where there is no strong reason to keep the page anyway, especially with images. ~~ Alex Noble/1-2/TRB 10:36, 5 July 2020 (UTC)


My date of birth is 07/10/2002 MY NAME IS SUVAM KUMAR MY FATHER NAME IS RANJEET KUMAR — Preceding unsigned comment added by SKRANJEET (talkcontribs) 07:43, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

Hello, SKRANJEET. I'm not sure why you are telling us this information, or what you want anybody to do with it. This page is for help in editing Wikipedia: is there some help you want? I have put a message with some links on your user talk page. --ColinFine (talk) 09:59, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

Change text[]


I would like to edit my article CHALK Salon. How can I do it? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Galawesh (talkcontribs) 07:55, 5 July 2020 (UTC)

Galawesh Unfortunately, your draft(it wasn't an article yet) was a copyright violation and blatant advertisement, so it had to be deleted. It was also sourced to nothing other than a press release, which is not acceptable for establishing that the salon meets Wikipedia's special definition of a notable business. Please read Your First Article for more information. If you work for this salon, you must read and comply with WP:PAID and WP:COI. 331dot (talk) 08:00, 5 July 2020 (UTC)