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List of deaths due to COVID-19

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This is a list of notable people who have died from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), as a result of infection by the virus SARS-CoV-2 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

List of deaths in 2020

Date Name Age Notability Place of death Reference
25 January Liang Wudong 60 Doctor of otorhinolaryngology (first death due to hospital-acquired infection) China (Wuhan)
26 January Wang Xianliang 62 Director of the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission of Wuhan (2012–2017) China (Wuhan)
27 January Yang Xiaobo 57 Mayor of Huangshi (2009–2014) and delegate to the National People's Congress (2013–2018) China (Wuhan)
6 February Qiu Jun 72 Bodybuilder China (Wuhan)
7 February Hong Ling 53 Professor of genetics at Huazhong University of Science and Technology China (Wuhan)
7 February Li Wenliang 33 Doctor of ophthalmology at Central Hospital of Wuhan (whistleblower of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan) China (Wuhan)
10 February Lin Zhengbin 62 Doctor of organ transplantation China (Wuhan)
13 February Liu Shouxiang 61 Professor of watercolor painting at Hubei Institute of Fine Arts China (Wuhan)
14 February Liu Fan 59 Deputy chief nurse of Wuchang Hospital China (Wuhan)
15 February Duan Zhengcheng 85 Professor of industrial engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Academian of the Chinese Academy of Engineering China (Wuhan)
19 February Ke Huibing 41 Professor of management science at Huazhong University of Science and Technology China (Wuhan)
27 February Hadi Khosroshahi 81 Iranian ambassador to the Vatican (1981–1986) Iran (Tehran)
29 February Mohammad Ali Ramazani Dastak 56 Member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (2020) Iran (Rasht)
2 March Mohammad Mirmohammadi 71 Member of the Expediency Discernment Council and Vice President of Iran (1994–1998) Iran (Tehran)
5 March Hossein Sheikholeslam 67 Member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (2004–2008) and Iranian Ambassador to Syria (1998–2003) Iran (Tehran)
7 March Reza Mohammadi Langroudi 91 Ayatollah Iran (Langarud)
7 March Fatemeh Rahbar 55 Member of Islamic Consultative Assembly (2004–2016 & 2020) Iran (Tehran)
9 March Italo De Zan 94 Cyclist Italy (Treviso)
9 March Lee Cha-su 62 Chairman of Buk District Council South Korea (Daegu)
9 March Mohammad-Reza Rahchamani 67 Head of State Welfare Organization (2001–2005) and Member of Islamic Consultative Assembly (1984–2000) Iran (Tehran)
10 March Mohammad Kiavash 89 Member of Islamic Consultative Assembly (1980–1988) Iran (Tehran)
10 March Marcelo Peralta 59 Argentine-born saxophonist Spain (Madrid)
11 March Roberto Stella 67 Physician Italy (Como)
12 March Giovanni Battista Rabino 88 Member of the Senate of the Republic (1992–1994) and member of the Chamber of Deputies (1983–1992) Italy (Asti)
13 March Nasser Shabani 62 General and senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Iran
14 March Piero Schlesinger 89 President of the Banca Popolare di Milano (1971–1993) Italy (Milan)
15 March Vittorio Gregotti 92 Architect Italy (Milan)
15 March Aytaç Yalman 79 Commander of the Turkish Army (2002–2004) and General Commander of the Gendarmerie of Turkey (2000–2002) Turkey (Istanbul)
16 March Nicolas Alfonsi 83 Member of Senate (2001–2014) and deputy of the National Assembly (1973–1978 & 1981–1988) France (Ajaccio)
16 March Sergio Bassi 69 Folk singer-songwriter Italy (Crema)
16 March Hashem Bathaie Golpayegani 78–79 Member of the Assembly of Experts (since 2016) Iran (Qom)
16 March Francesco Saverio Pavone 75 Magistrate Italy (Venice)
16 March Fariborz Raisdana 75 Economist Iran (Tehran)
17 March Stephen Schwartz 78 Professor of pathology at University of Washington United States (Seattle)
18 March Rose Marie Compaoré 61 Second vice president of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso (since 2015) Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou)
18 March Luciano Federici 81 Footballer Italy (Carrara)
18 March Henri Richelet 75 Painter France (Paris)
19 March Innocenzo Donina 69 Footballer Italy (Bergamo)
19 March Hamid Kahram 61–62 Member of Islamic Consultative Assembly (2000–2004) Iran (Tehran)
19 March Aurlus Mabélé 66 Musician and composer originally from the Republic of the Congo France (Paris)
19 March Antonio Michele Stanca 77 Geneticist Italy (Fidenza)
20 March Carlos Falcó, 5th Marquess of Griñón 83 Grandee of Spain Spain (Madrid)
20 March Marino Quaresimin 82 Mayor of Vicenza (1995–1998) Italy (Vicenza)
20 March Tarcisio Stramare 91 Roman Catholic priest Italy (Imperia)
21 March Marguerite Aucouturier 87 Psychoanalyst France (Paris)
21 March Aileen Baviera 60 Political scientist and sinologist Philippines (Manila)
21 March Vicenç Capdevila 83 Member of the Congress of Deputies (1977–1979) and member of the Parliament of Catalonia (1980–1984) Spain (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat)
21 March Jacques Oudin 81 Member of the Senate (1986–2004) France (Paris)
21 March Jean-Jacques Razafindranazy 68 Doctor of pediatrics France (Lille)
21 March Lorenzo Sanz 76 President of Real Madrid (1995–2000) Spain (Madrid)
21 March William Stern 84 Hungarian-born businessman and survivor of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp United Kingdom
22 March Germà Colón 91 Philologist Spain (Barcelona)
22 March Benito Joanet 84 Footballer and coach Spain (Alicante)
22 March José María Loizaga Viguri 83 Businessman Spain (Ciudad Real)
22 March Mike Longo 83 Jazz pianist United States (New York City)
23 March Maurice Berger 63 Chief curator of the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture United States (Copake)
23 March Lucia Bosè 89 Italian actress and Miss Italia 1947 Spain (Segovia)
23 March Carole Brookins 76 Executive director of the World Bank (2001–2005) United States (Palm Beach)
23 March Brian Crowe 82 British Ambassador to Austria (1989–1992)
23 March José Folgado 75 Member of the Congress of Deputies (2004–2008) and Secretary of State for Budgets, Expenses and Energy (1996–2004) Spain (Madrid)
23 March Paul Karslake 65 Artist United Kingdom (Leigh-on-Sea)
23 March Zororo Makamba 30 Journalist Zimbabwe (Harare)
23 March Usama Riaz 26 Doctor Pakistan (Gilgit)
23 March Calogero Rizzuto 65 Architect and historic preservationist Italy (Syracuse)
23 March Walter Robb 91 Engineer United States (Schenectady)
23 March Lucien Sève 93 Philosopher France (Paris)
23 March Júlia Sigmond 90 Romanian-Hungarian puppet actor and Esperantist Italy (Piacenza)
23 March Nashom Wooden 50 Drag Queen United States (New York)
24 March Lorenzo Acquarone 89 Member of the Chamber of Deputies (1994–2006) and Member of the Senate of the Republic (1987–1994) Italy (Genoa)
24 March Romi Cohn 91 Czechoslovakian-born American rabbi and real estate developer United States (New York)
24 March Manu Dibango 86 Saxophonist and songwriter, originally from Cameroon France (Paris)
24 March Steven Dick 37 British Deputy Ambassador to Hungary Hungary (Budapest)
24 March Mohamed Farah 59 Somali international footballer United Kingdom (London)
24 March Alan Finder 72 Journalist United States (Ridgewood)
24 March Terrence McNally 81 Playwright and screenwriter United States (Sarasota)
24 March John F. Murray 93 American pulmonologist, chief of Pulmonology at San Francisco General Hospital France (Paris)
24 March Jenny Polanco 62 Fashion designer Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)
25 March Harry Aarts 90 Member of the House of Representatives (1973–1993) Netherlands (Tilburg)
25 March Danilo Barozzi 92 Cyclist Italy (Santa Maria Nuova)
25 March Mark Blum 69 Actor United States (New York)
25 March Floyd Cardoz 59 Chef and television personality United States (Montclair)
25 March Martinho Lutero Galati 66 Conductor Brazil (São Paulo)
25 March Paul Goma 84 Political dissident and writer, originally Romanian France (Paris)
25 March Detto Mariano 82 Musician and composer Italy (Milan)
25 March Angelo Moreschi 67 Apostolic Vicar of Gambella Italy (Brescia)
26 March Menggie Cobarrubias 66 Actor Philippines (Manila)
26 March Ito Curata 60 Fashion designer Philippines (Muntinlupa)
26 March Olle Holmquist 83 Trombonist Sweden
26 March Princess María Teresa of Bourbon-Parma 86 Princess, activist and political sociologist France (Paris)
26 March Naomi Munakata 64 Conductor Brazil (São Paulo)
26 March Luigi Roni 78 Singer Italy (Lucca)
26 March Michael Sorkin 71 Architect and critic United States (New York)
26 March Hamish Wilson 77 Actor United Kingdom (Rutherglen)
26 March Daniel Yuste 75 Olympic cyclist Spain
27 March Daniel Azulay 72 Comic book artist Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
27 March Thandika Mkandawire 79 Malawian economist Sweden (Stockholm)
27 March Jesús Gayoso Rey 48 Head of GAR Spain (Logroño)
27 March Stefan Lippe 64 CEO of Swiss Re (2009–2012)
27 March Orlando McDaniel 59 American football player United States (Dallas)
27 March Michael McKinnell 84 Architect United States (Beverly)
28 March Fevzi Aksoy 89 Academic, neurologist and sports writer Turkey
28 March Kerstin Behrendtz 69 Radio broadcaster Sweden (Stockholm)
28 March Chato Galante 71 Activist and former political prisoner Spain
28 March Rodolfo González Rissotto 70 Minister of National Defense (1995–1996) Uruguay (Montevideo)
28 March William B. Helmreich 74 Professor of Sociology at The Graduate Center, CUNY United States (Great Neck)
28 March Denise Millet 86 French illustrator France (Paris)
28 March Pearson Jordan 69 Sprinter, represented Barbados at the 1976 Summer Olympics United States
28 March Azam Khan 93 Pakistani squash player United Kingdom (London)
28 March Michel Tibon-Cornillot 97 Philosopher and anthropologist France (Paris)
28 March William Wolf 94 Film and theater critic United States (New York)
29 March Beryl Bernay 94 Journalist and children's television creator United States (New York)
29 March José Luis Capón 72 Footballer Spain (Madrid)
29 March Patrick Devedjian 75 President of the General Council of Hauts-de-Seine (since 2007) and Member of the National Assembly (2010–2017) France (Paris)
29 March Joe Diffie 61 Country singer United States (Nashville)
29 March Robert H. Garff 78 Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives (1985–1987) United States (Salt Lake City)
29 March Maria Mercader 54 Television news producer and journalist United States (New York)
29 March Alan Merrill 69 Lead singer of Arrows and songwriter United States (New York)
29 March Tomas Oneborg 62 Photographer Sweden (Stockholm)
29 March Francis Rapp 93 Medievalist historian France (Angers)
29 March Angelo Rottoli 61 Boxer Italy (Ponte San Pietro)
29 March Ken Shimura 70 Comedian Japan (Tokyo)
29 March Henri Tincq 74 Journalist France (Paris)
30 March Lorena Borjas 59 Mexican American transgender and immigrant rights activist United States (New York)
30 March Hilary Dwyer 74 Actress United Kingdom
30 March James T. Goodrich 73 Professor of Neurosurgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine United States (New York)
30 March David Hodgkiss 71 Chairman of Lancashire County Cricket Club (since 2017) United Kingdom
30 March Milutin Knežević 71 Serbian Orthodox Eparch of Valjevo Serbia (Belgrade)
30 March Ted Monette 74 FEMA Director of the Office of Federal Coordinating Officer Operations United States (Holyoke)
30 March Manuel Adolfo Varas 76 Broadcaster and sports journalist Ecuador (Guayaquil)
30 March Joachim Yhombi-Opango 81 Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo (1993–1996) and President of the Republic of the Congo (1977–1979) France (Neuilly)
30 March Wilhelm Burmann 80 German-born ballet master and teacher United States (New York)
31 March Julie Bennett 88 Voice actor United States (Los Angeles)
31 March Viktar Dashkevich 75 Stage actor Belarus (Vitebsk)
31 March Pape Diouf 68 President of Olympique de Marseille (2005–2009) Senegal (Dakar)
31 March Rafael Gómez Nieto 99 Spanish Civil War and World War II veteran, last surviving member of La Nueve France (Strasbourg)
31 March James Gordon, Baron Gordon of Strathblane 83 Member of the House of Lords (since 1997) and founder of Radio Clyde United Kingdom (Glasgow)
31 March Andrew Jack 76 Dialect coach and actor United Kingdom (London)
31 March Cristina Monet-Palaci 64 Musician United States (New York)
31 March Gita Ramjee 63 HIV prevention researcher South Africa (Umhlanga)
31 March Wallace Roney 59 Jazz trumpeter United States (Paterson)
31 March Peter J. N. Sinclair 73 Economist United Kingdom
31 March Turhan Kaya 68 Actor Turkey (Istanbul)
1 April Branislav Blažić 63 Minister of Environmental Protection (1998–2000) Serbia (Belgrade)
1 April David Driskell 88 Visual artist and academic United States (Hyattsville)
1 April Kevin Duffy 87 Judge for the U.S. District Court for Southern New York (1972–1998) United States (Greenwich)
1 April Bernard Epin 83 French writer and literary critic Paris (France)
1 April Nur Hassan Hussein 83 Prime Minister of Somalia (2007–2009) United Kingdom (London)
1 April Ellis Marsalis Jr. 85 Jazz pianist United States (New Orleans)
1 April Richard Passman 94 Aeronautical engineer and space scientist United States (Silver Spring)
1 April Bucky Pizzarelli 94 Jazz guitarist United States (Saddle River)
1 April Adam Schlesinger 52 Songwriter, member of Fountains of Wayne United States (Poughkeepsie)
1 April Dora Werzberg 99 Nurse and social worker France (Paris)
2 April Goyo Benito 73 Footballer Spain (Madrid)
2 April Patricia Bosworth 86 Actress and author United States (New York)
2 April Bernardita Catalla 62 Philippine ambassador to Lebanon Lebanon (Beirut)
2 April Zaccaria Cometti 83 Footballer Italy (Romano di Lombardia)
2 April François de Gaulle 98 Catholic priest and missionary France (Paris)
2 April William Frankland 108 Allergist and immunologist United Kingdom (London)
2 April Juan Giménez 76 Comic book artist and illustrator Argentina (Mendoza)
2 April Anick Jesdanun 51 Technology reporter and editor, first internet writer for the Associated Press United States (New York)
2 April Eddie Large 78 Comedian United Kingdom (Bristol)
2 April Feriha Öz 86–87 Pathologist, academic and medical doctor Turkey
2 April Rodrigo Pesántez Rodas 82 Writer and poet Ecuador (Guayaquil)
2 April Sergio Rossi 84 Shoe designer Italy (Cesena)
2 April Aaron Rubashkin 92 Businessman United States (New York)
2 April Nirmal Singh Khalsa 67 Singer, Ragi of Darbar Sahib India (Amritsar)
2 April Arnold Sowinski 89 Footballer France (Lens)
2 April Aptripel Tumimomor 53 Regent of North Morowali (since 2016) Indonesia (Makassar)
2 April Arthur Whistler 75 Professor of Ethnobotany at the University of Hawaii United States (Honolulu)
3 April Arnold Demain 92 Professor of Industrial Microbiology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States (Madison)
3 April Henri Ecochard 96 French military officer France (Paris)
3 April Bob Glanzer 74 Member of the South Dakota House of Representatives (since 2017) United States (Sioux Falls)
3 April Francisco Hernando Contreras 74 Housing developer Spain (Madrid)
3 April Marguerite Lescop 104 Writer Canada (Longueuil)
3 April Hans Prade 81 Surinamese ambassador to the Netherlands (1981–1982) Netherlands (Rotterdam)
3 April Omar Quintana 76 President of the National Congress of Ecuador (2005) Ecuador (Guayaquil)
3 April Tim Robinson 85 Writer and cartographer United Kingdom (London)
3 April Yusuf Kenan Sönmez 71–72 Member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (1987–1991) Turkey
3 April Arlene Stringer-Cuevas 86 Member of the New York City Council (1976–1977) United States (New York)
4 April Jay Benedict 68 American actor United Kingdom (London)
4 April Philippe Bodson 75 Member of the Senate (1999–2003) Belgium (Brussels)
4 April Forrest Compton 94 Actor United States (Shelter Island)
4 April Tom Dempsey 73 American football player United States (New Orleans)
4 April Xavier Dor 91 Embryologist and anti-abortion activist France (Paris)
4 April Kenneth Farnum 89 Barbadian-born Jamaican Olympic cyclist United States (New York)
4 April Lila Fenwick 87 Chief of the United Nations Human Rights Council United States (New York)
4 April Patrick Francfort 63 French drummer, member of the Gibson Brothers France (Paris)
4 April Carlos González-Artigas 72 Businessman Ecuador (Guayaquil)
4 April Muhammad Sirajul Islam 77 Member of the Jatiya Sangsad (1973–1982) United States (New York)
4 April Olan Montgomery 56 Actor and artist United States (New York)
4 April Marcel Moreau 86 Belgian writer France (Paris)
4 April Anton Sebastianpillai 75 Doctor and author (writing as Anton Sebastian) United Kingdom (London)
4 April Alexander Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath 87 Member of the House of Lords (1992–1997) United Kingdom (Bath)
4 April Naek L. Tobing 79 Doctor Indonesia (Jakarta)
4 April Frida Wattenberg 95 Member of the French resistance France (Paris)
4 April Leïla Menchari 93 Tunisian decorator and designer France (Paris)
5 April Lee Fierro 91 Actress United States (Akron)
5 April Mahmoud Jibril 67 Acting Prime Minister of Libya (2011) Egypt (Cairo)
5 April John Laws 74 Lord Justice of Appeal (1999–2016) United Kingdom (London)
5 April Michel Parisse 83 French historian
6 April Helène Aylon 89 Ecofeminist artist United States (New York)
6 April Josep Maria Benet i Jornet 79 Playwright and screenwriter Spain (Lleida)
6 April Alfonso Cortina 76 President of Repsol YPF (1996–2004) Spain (Toledo)
6 April Brahm Kanchibhotla 66 Journalist United States (Nassau County)
6 April Jacques Le Brun 88 French historian France (Paris)
6 April Mark Steiner 77 American-born mathematician and professor of Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel (Jerusalem)
6 April Stephen Sulyk 95 Ukrainian Catholic Archeparch emeritus of Philadelphia United States (Philadelphia)
6 April Riay Tatary 72 Chairman of the Islamic Commission of Spain (since 2016) Spain (Madrid)
7 April Roger Chappot 79 Olympic ice hockey player Switzerland
7 April Robert Chaudenson 82 Linguist France (Aix-en-Provence)
7 April Jean-Laurent Cochet 85 Actor and director France (Paris)
7 April Jacques Frémontier 89 Journalist and television producer France (Paris)
7 April Allen Garfield 80 Actor United States (Los Angeles)
7 April Henry Graff 98 Historian United States (Greenwich)
7 April Leib Groner 88 Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi United States (New York)
7 April Hudeidi 89 Traditional Somali Musician United Kingdom (London)
7 April Mishik Kazaryan 72 Armenian-born physicist Russia (Moscow)
7 April Jan Křen 89 Historian, academic and dissident Czech Republic (Prague)
7 April John Percy Leon Lewis 77 Military officer Guyana (Georgetown)
7 April Roger Matthews 71 British professor of Criminology at the University of Kent
7 April Yaakov Perlow 89 Hasidic rabbi United States (New York)
7 April John Prine 73 Singer and songwriter United States (Nashville)
7 April Nipper Read 95 British police officer and boxing administrator
7 April Donato Sabia 56 Olympic middle-distance runner Italy (Potenza)
7 April Tom Scully 89 Priest and football manager Ireland (Dublin)
7 April Miguel Ángel Tábet 78 Venezuelan theologian and exegete Italy (Rome)
7 April Ghyslain Tremblay 68 Actor and comedian Canada (Montreal)
7 April Hal Willner 64 Music producer United States (New York)
8 April Leila Benitez-McCollum 89 Filipino-American television and radio host United States (New York)
8 April Robert L. Carroll 81 American-Canadian vertebrate paleontologist and director of the Redpath Museum (1985–1991) Canada (Montreal)
8 April Martin S. Fox 95 American publisher
8 April Miguel Jones 81 Footballer Spain (Madrid)
8 April Bernie Juskiewicz 77 Member of the Vermont House of Representatives (2013–2019) United States (Vermont)
8 April Francesco La Rosa 93 Footballer Italy (Milan)
8 April Henri Madelin 83 Jesuit priest and theologian France (Lille)
8 April Rick May 79 Canadian-American voice actor and theatrical performer, director and teacher United States (Seattle)
9 April Reggie Bagala 54 Member of the Louisiana House of Representatives (since 2020) United States (Raceland)
9 April Marc Engels 54 Belgian sound engineer
9 April Harvey Goldstein 80 British statistician
9 April Ho Kam Ming 95 Macanese-born Canadian martial artist Canada (Toronto)
9 April Liliane Marchais 84 French activist France (Paris)
9 April David Méresse 89 French footballer and coach
9 April Lee Nurse 43 Cricketer United Kingdom (Basingstoke)
9 April Vitor Sapienza 86 Member of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (1987–2019) Brazil (São Paulo)
9 April Dmitri Smirnov 71 Russian-born British composer United Kingdom (London)
10 April Rifat Chadirji 93 Iraqi architect, photographer and activist United Kingdom (London)
10 April Frits Flinkevleugel 80 Footballer Netherlands (Amsterdam)
10 April Ceybil Jefferies 57–58 House and R&B vocalist United States (New York)
10 April Marianne Lundquist 88 Olympic swimmer Sweden (Stockholm)
10 April Enrique Múgica 88 Ombudsman of Spain (2000–2010), Minister of Justice (1988–1991) and Member of the Congress of Deputies (1977–2000) Spain (Madrid)
10 April Bas Mulder 88 Dutch-Surinamese priest Netherlands (Boxmeer)
10 April Jacob Plange-Rhule 62 Rector of the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons (since 2015) Ghana (Accra)
10 April Iris M. Zavala 83 Puerto Rican author, independence activist and intellectual Spain (Madrid)
11 April Simon Barrington-Ward 89 Member of the House of Lords (1991–1997) and Bishop of Coventry (1985–1997) United Kingdom
11 April Hélène Châtelain 84 French actress and director
11 April Stanley Chera 77 Real estate executive United States (New York)
11 April John Horton Conway 82 British mathematician United States (New Brunswick)
11 April Wynn Handman 97 Artistic director United States (New York)
11 April Gillian Wise 84 English abstract artist France (Paris)
12 April Francisco Aritmendi 81 Olympic long-distance runner Spain (Guadalajara)
12 April Brian Arrowsmith 79 British footballer and manager
12 April Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron 79 Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel (1993–2003) Israel (Jerusalem)
12 April Maurice Barrier 87 Actor and singer France (Montbard)
12 April Claude Beauchamp 80 Editor and journalist Canada (Montreal)
12 April Tim Brooke-Taylor 79 Comedian United Kingdom
12 April Victor Batista Falla 87 Editor and publisher Cuba (Havana)
12 April André Manaranche 93 Jesuit priest and theologian France (Lille)
12 April Joel M. Reed 86 Filmmaker and screenwriter United States (New York)
12 April Jaime Ruiz Sacristán 70 Chairman of the Mexican Stock Exchange (since 2015) Mexico (Mexico City)
12 April Carlos Seco Serrano 96 Historian Spain (Madrid)
12 April Khalif Mumin Tohow 58 Justice Minister of Hirshabelle State (since 2017) Somalia (Mogadishu)
12 April Samuel Wembé 73 Member of the National Assembly (1983–1987) Cameroon (Douala)
12 April Kishen Bholasing 35 Surinamese singer and percussionist Netherlands (Amsterdam)
13 April Baldiri Alavedra 76 Spanish footballer
13 April Gil Bailey 84 Jamaican radio broadcaster United States (New York)
13 April Juan Cotino 70 President of the Corts Valencianes (2011–2014) and Director General of the Police (1996–2002) Spain (Valencia)
13 April Jerry Givens 67 Executioner and anti-death penalty advocate United States (Richmond)
13 April Philippe Lécrivain 78 Jesuit priest and historian France (Paris)
13 April Thomas Kunz 81 American biologist
13 April Benjamin Levin 93 Lithuanian-born Israeli partisan and Holocaust survivor United States (New York)
13 April Sarah Maldoror 90 Filmmaker France (Paris)
13 April Dennis G. Peters 82 Electrochemist United States (Bloomington)
13 April Avrohom Pinter 71 Rabbi and politician United Kingdom (London)
13 April Zafar Sarfraz 50 Cricketer Pakistan (Peshawar)
13 April Bernard Stalter 63 Regional Councillor of Grand Est for Bas-Rhin (since 2016) France (Strasbourg)
13 April Ann Sullivan 91 Animator United States (Los Angeles)
14 April Haydar Baş 73 Leader of the Independent Turkey Party (since 2002) Turkey (Trabzon)
14 April Helen Damico 89 Scholar of Old English literature United States
14 April Danny Delaney 77 Footballer and hurler Ireland (Portlaoise)
14 April Aldo di Cillo Pagotto 70 Archbishop of Paraíba (2004–2016) Brazil (Fortaleza)
14 April Margit Feldman 90 Holocaust survivor United States (New Jersey)
14 April William H. Gerdts 91 American art historian
14 April Michael Gilkes 87 Guyanese writer United Kingdom (London)
14 April Cyril Lawrence 99 Footballer United Kingdom (Farnworth)
14 April Maria de Sousa 80 Immunologist Portugal (Lisbon)
14 April Ella King Russell Torrey 94 Human rights activist and aide to Eleanor Roosevelt United States (Philadelphia)
14 April Peter Whiteside 67 Olympic modern pentathlete United Kingdom (Peterborough)
15 April Adam Alsing 51 Radio and television host Sweden (Stockholm)
15 April Allen Daviau 77 Cinematographer (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Color Purple, Empire of the Sun) United States (Los Angeles)
15 April Henry Grimes 84 Jazz bassist United States (New York)
15 April Bruce Myers 78 Actor and comedian France (Paris)
15 April John T. Houghton 88 Atmospheric physicist United Kingdom (Dolgellau)
15 April Milena Jelinek 84 Czech-American screenwriter United States (New York)
15 April Lee Konitz 92 Jazz composer and alto saxophonist United States (New York)
15 April John Pfahl 81 Photographer United States (Buffalo)
15 April Shahin Shahablou 56 Iranian photographer United Kingdom (London)
15 April Gérard Mulumba Kalemba 82 Bishop of Mweka (1989–2016) Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa)
15 April Ülkü Azrak 86–87 Academic, lawyer and a founder of the Istanbul University School of Political Sciences Turkey (Istanbul)
16 April Francesco Di Carlo 79 Italian mobster (Sicilian Mafia) and pentito France (Paris)
16 April Santiago Lanzuela 71 Member of the Congress of Deputies (2000–2014) and President of the Government of Aragon (1995–1999) Spain (Madrid)
16 April Henry Miller 89 Lawyer and jurist United States (New York)
16 April Luis Sepúlveda 70 Chilean writer Spain (Oviedo)
16 April Glider Ushñahua 51 Member of the Congress of the Republic of Peru (2016–2019) Peru (Pucallpa)
17 April Bennie G. Adkins 86 United States Army soldier and a recipient of the Medal of Honor United States (Opelika)
17 April Norman Hunter 76 Footballer United Kingdom
17 April Abba Kyari 67 Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria (since 2015) Nigeria (Lagos)
17 April Giuseppi Logan 84 Jazz musician United States (New York)
17 April Iris Love 86 Archaeologist and dog breeder United States (New York)
17 April Lukman Niode 56 Olympic swimmer Indonesia (Jakarta)
17 April Arlene Saunders 89 Operatic soprano United States (New York)
17 April Matthew Seligman 64 Bass guitarist, member of The Soft Boys United Kingdom (London)
17 April Gene Shay 85 Disc jockey United States (Wynnewood)
17 April Jesús Vaquero 70 Professor of Neurosurgery at the Autonomous University of Madrid Spain (Madrid)
18 April Erik Belfrage 74 Diplomat and businessman Sweden (Stockholm)
18 April Gulshan Ewing 92 Indian journalist United Kingdom (London)
18 April Martine Crefcoeur 84 Dutch actress Netherlands (Rotterdam)
18 April Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche 78 Tibetan-Italian lama Italy (Verbania)
18 April Sékou Kourouma 63–64 Chief of Staff to the President of Guinea (since 2018) Guinea (Conakry)
18 April Bob Lazier 81 Race car driver United States (Denver)
18 April Jack Lotz 86 Wrestling referee United States (New York)
18 April Urano Navarrini 74 Football player and manager Italy (Milan)
18 April Jacques Rosny 81 Actor France (Paris)
19 April Steve Dalkowski 80 Baseball player United States (New Britain)
19 April Noach Dear 66 Justice of the New York Supreme Court (since 2015) United States (New York)
19 April Terry Doran 80 A pop music manager and music publishing executive, known for his association with the Beatles United Kingdom (London)
19 April Claude Lafortune 83 Paper sculptor, set designer and television personality Canada (Longueuil)
19 April Philippe Nahon 81 Actor France (Paris)
19 April Sergio Onofre Jarpa 99 Minister of the Interior (1983–1985) Chile (Santiago)
19 April Alexander Vustin 76 Composer Russia (Moscow)
20 April Heherson Alvarez 80 Commissioner on the Climate Change Commission (2009–2016) and Member of the Senate (1987–1998) Philippines (Manila)
20 April H. G. Carrillo 59 Novelist United States (Washington, D.C.)
20 April Tom Mulholland 84 Footballer Ireland (Drogheda)
20 April Manjeet Singh Riyat 52 Doctor United Kingdom (Derby)
20 April Josep Sala Mañé 82 Casteller Spain (Vilafranca del Penedès)
21 April Dave Bacuzzi 79 British footballer Ireland (Dublin)
21 April Belco Bah 61–62 Member of the National Assembly of Mali (since 2013) Mali (Niono)
21 April José María Calleja 64 Journalist, political prisoner and anti-ETA activist Spain (Madrid)
21 April Philip Foglia 69 Lawyer, civic activist and advocate for Italian American rights issues United States (New York City)
21 April Jack Taylor 84 Member of the Colorado Senate (2000–2008) and House of Representatives (1992–2000) United States (Steamboat Springs)
21 April Donald Kennedy 88 Scientist, public administrator, and academic United States (Redwood City)
21 April Teruyuki Okazaki 88 Japanese karate master United States (Philadelphia)
21 April Joel Rogosin 87 Television producer and writer (The Virginian, Ironside, Magnum, P.I.) United States (Woodland Hills)
21 April Jacques Pellen 63 Jazz guitarist France (Brest)
21 April Gerson Peres 88 Member of the Chamber of Deputies (1983–2003 and 2007–2011) Brazil (Belém)
21 April Miguel Ángel Troitiño 72–73 Human geographer, expert on cultural tourism and heritage preservation Spain (Madrid)
21 April Koos van den Berg 77 Member of the House of Representatives (1986–2002) Netherlands (Nunspeet)
22 April El Príncipe Gitano 88 Flamenco singer and dancer Spain (Mandayona)
22 April Julian Perry Robinson 78 British chemist
22 April Bootsie Barnes 82 Jazz saxophonist United States (Philadelphia)
23 April Peter Gill 89 Golfer United Kingdom (Maidstone)
23 April Fred the Godson 35 DJ and rapper United States (New York)
23 April Kumiko Okae 63 Actress, voice actress and television presenter Japan (Tokyo)
23 April Henk Overgoor 75 Footballer Netherlands (Amsterdam)
24 April Carlos Ernesto Escobar Mejía 57 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainee United States (National City)
24 April Burton Rose 77 Nephrologist United States (Newton)
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25 April Alan Abel 91 Percussionist and music educator United States (Wynnewood)
25 April Ricardo Brennand 92 Businessman, engineer and art collector Brazil (Recife)
25 April Henri Kichka 94 Holocaust survivor Belgium (Brussels)
25 April Madeline Kripke 76 Book collector United States (New York)
25 April Robert Mandell 90 American conductor United Kingdom (Leicester)
25 April Gunnar Seijbold 65 Photographer Sweden (Stockholm)
26 April Emilio S. Allué 85 Spanish-born auxiliary bishop emeritus of Boston United States (Boston)
26 April Laura Bernal 64 Diplomat, Argentine ambassador to Ireland Ireland (Dublin)
26 April Miquéias Fernandes 69 Member of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (1991–2002) Brazil (Manaus)
26 April John Rowlands 73 English footballer
26 April Badruddin Shaikh 67 Leader of Opposition in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (since 2010) India (Ahmedabad)
26 April Henri Weber 75 Member of the European Parliament (2004–2014) and Member of the Senate (1995–2004) France (Avignon)
27 April Rabbi Yehudah Jacobs 80–89 Mashgiach ruchani at Beth Medrash Govoha United States (Lakewood Township, New Jersey)
27 April James Mahoney 62 Pulmonologist and internist United States (New York City)
27 April Zafar Rasheed Bhatti 70 Journalist Pakistan (Rawalpindi)
27 April Asdrubal Bentes 80 Member of the Chamber of Deputies (1987–1991; 1997–1999 and 2001–2014) Brazil (Belém)
27 April Francesco Perrone 89 Olympic long-distance runner Italy (Bari)
27 April Troy Sneed 52 Gospel musician United States (Jacksonville)
27 April Chavalit Soemprungsuk 80 Thai-born painter, sculptor, and printmaker Netherlands (Amsterdam)
28 April David Boe 84 Organist United States (Chicago)
28 April Silas Silvius Njiru 91 Kenyan Roman Catholic prelate, former bishop of Meru Italy (Turin)
28 April Syahrul 59 Mayor of Tanjung Pinang (since 2018) Indonesia (Tanjung Pinang)
29 April Germano Celant 80 Art historian, critic and curator Italy (Milan)
29 April Martin Lovett 93 Member of the Amadeus Quartet and cellist United Kingdom (London)
29 April Dick Lucas 86 American football player United States (Philadelphia)
29 April Noel Walsh 84 Military Officer, footballer, manager and administrator Ireland (Ennis)
30 April Óscar Chávez 85 Singer Mexico (Mexico City)
30 April Jean-Marc Manducher 71 Businessman and sports executive France (Bourg-en-Bresse)
30 April Sylvie Vincent 79 Anthropologist and ethnologist Canada (Montreal)
30 April Suleiman Adamu Member of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly (since 2015) Nigeria (Keffi)
1 May Yu Lihua 88 Chinese-American writer United States (Washington, D.C.)
1 May África Lorente Castillo 65 Member of the Parliament of Catalonia (1984–1988) Spain (Castelldefels)
1 May Fernando Sandoval 77 Olympic water polo player Brazil (São Paulo)
2 May Allah Yar Ansari 77 Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab (1997–1999) Pakistan (Sargodha)
2 May Justa Barrios 63 American home care worker and labor organizer
2 May Jim Cross 87 Ice hockey player and coach United States (Savannah)
2 May Jim Henderson 79 Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (1985–1995) Canada (Toronto)
2 May Daniel S. Kemp 83 American organic chemist United States (Concord)
2 May Ralph McGehee 92 Intelligence officer United States (Falmouth)
2 May Munir Mangal 70 Commander of the Afghan National Police (2010–2016) Afghanistan (Kabul)
2 May John Ogilvie 91 Footballer United Kingdom (Leicester)
2 May Meyer Rubin 96 Geologist United States (Manassas)
2 May Ajay Kumar Tripathi 62 Judicial Member of Lokpal (since 2019) and Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh High Court (2018–2019) India (New Delhi)
3 May Dave Greenfield 71 Member of The Stranglers and keyboardist United Kingdom
3 May Ömer Döngeloğlu 52 Theologian Turkey (Istanbul)
3 May Tendol Gyalzur 69 Tibetan-Swiss humanitarian Switzerland (Chur)
3 May Roy Lester 96 American football player and coach United States (Rockville)
3 May Mohamed Ben Omar 55 Minister of Employment, Labor and Social Protection (since 2017) Niger (Niamey)
4 May Aldir Blanc 73 Author and lyricist Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
4 May Motoko Fujishiro Huthwaite 92 Preservationist (Monuments Men) United States (Westland)
4 May Dragan Vučić 64 Composer and singer North Macedonia (Skopje)
5 May Brian Axsmith 57 Paleobotanist and ecology professor United States
5 May Ciro Pessoa 62 Singer-songwriter Brazil (São Paulo)
6 May Jacques Reymond 69 Swiss ski trainer
7 May Princess Diana of Bourbon-Parma 87 Princess of the House of Bourbon-Parma Germany (Hamburg)
7 May Daniel Cauchy 90 French actor and film producer France
7 May Daisy Lúcidi 90 Member of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (1980–1988), Actress and radio broadcaster Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
7 May Ty 47 Rapper United Kingdom
7 May Joyce Davidson 89 Television presenter Canada (Toronto)
7 May Antonio González Pacheco 73 Police inspector Spain (Madrid)
8 May Lúcia Braga 85 Member of the Chamber of Deputies (1987–1995 and 2003–2007) Brazil (João Pessoa)
8 May Jesus Chediak 78 Actor, film director, producer and writer Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
8 May Vicente André Gomes 68 Member of the Chamber of Deputies (1995–1999) Brazil (Recife)
8 May Dimitris Kremastinos 78 Member of the Hellenic Parliament (2009–2019), Vice President of the Hellenic Parliament (2015–2019) and Minister of Health (1993–1996) Greece (Athens)
8 May Roy Horn 75 Member of Siegfried & Roy, stage magician and lion tamer United States (Las Vegas)
8 May Carl Tighe 70 Author, scholar of Eastern European literature United Kingdom
9 May Johannes Beck 97 Jesuit priest and social ethicist Germany (Munich)
9 May Carlos José 85 Singer-songwriter Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
9 May Abraham Palatnik 92 Artist and inventor Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
10 May David Corrêa 82 Singer-songwriter Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
10 May Anwarul Kabir Talukdar 76 Minister of Power (2006) and Member of the Jatiya Sangsad (2001–2006) Bangladesh (Dhaka)
10 May Sérgio Sant'Anna 78 Writer Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
10 May Hari Vasudevan 68 Historian India (Kolkata)
10 May Abdikani Mohamed Wa'ays Somali diplomat. Ambassador to Egypt and the Arab League Kuwait
11 May Alberto Carpani 64 Singer Italy (Portofino)
11 May Ann Katharine Mitchell 97 Cryptanalyst and psychologist United Kingdom (Edinburgh)
12 May Renée Claude 80 Singer and actress Canada (Montreal)
12 May Morris Hood III 54 Member of the Michigan Senate (2010–2018) and Michigan House of Representatives (2002–2008) United States (Ann Arbor)
12 May Clarence Mini 68 Chairperson of the Council of Medical Schemes, uMkhonto we Sizwe, AIDS activist. South Africa (Johannesburg)
13 May Afwerki Abraha 71 Eritrean diplomat United Kingdom (London)
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13 May Riad Ismat 72 Minister of Culture of Syria (2010–2012) United States (Chicago)
13 May Shobushi 28 Sumo wrestler Japan (Tokyo)
13 May Yoshio 70 Singer Mexico (Mexico City)
14 May Anisuzzaman 83 Bangladeshi writer, activist and National Professor Bangladesh (Dhaka)
15 May Claes Borgström 75 Lawyer Sweden (Stockholm)
15 May Olga Savary 86 Writer and literary critic Brazil (Teresópolis)
16 May Mário Chermont 83 Member of the Chamber of Deputies (1991–1995) Brazil (Belém)
16 May Wilson Roosevelt Jerman 91 White House butler to 11 U.S. presidents United States (Woodbridge)
16 May Pilar Pellicer 82 Actress Mexico (Mexico City)
17 May Wilson Braga 88 Member of the Chamber of Deputies (1967–1982, 1995–2003 and 2007–2011) and Governor of Paraíba (1983–1987) Brazil (João Pessoa)
17 May Ratnakar Matkari 81 Writer and film producer India (Mumbai)
18 May Bill Olner 78 Member of Parliament (1992–2010) United Kingdom (Nuneaton)
18 May Vincent Malone 88 Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool (1989–2006) United Kingdom (Liverpool)
19 May Annie Glenn 100 Disability rights advocate and widow of John Glenn United States (Saint Paul)
19 May Ken Nightingall 92 Sound engineer United Kingdom
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20 May Shaheen Raza 60 Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab (since 2018) Pakistan (Lahore)
20 May Syed Fazal Agha 78 Governor of Balochistan (1999) and Deputy Chairman of the Senate (1988–1991) Pakistan (Karachi)
20 May Denis Farkasfalvy 83 Hungarian-born Cistercian abbot and theologian United States (Irving)
21 May Kamrun Nahar Putul 65 Member of the Jatiya Sangsad (1996–2001) Bangladesh (Bogura)
21 May Hugo Ryckeboer 84 Dialectologist Belgium (Oudenaarde)
23 May Jitendra Nath Pande 79 Professor of Medicine at the All India Institute of Medical Studies India (New Delhi)
24 May Mukar Cholponbayev 70 Chairman of The Legislative Assembly of Kyrgyzstan (1995–1996) and Minister of Justice (1993–1995) Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
24 May Makbul Hossain 70 Member of the Jatiya Sangsad (1996–2001) Bangladesh (Dhaka)
24 May Hussain Ahmad Kanjo Politician, Provisional Minister for Science and Technology (2002–2007) Pakistan (Kanju)
24 May Dinaldo Wanderley 69 Member of the Legislative Assembly of Paraíba (2007–2010) Brazil (João Pessoa)
25 May Ismail Gamadiid Minister of Agriculture, the Environment, and Climate Change of Puntland Somalia (Mogadishu)
25 May Marv Luster 82 American CFL player United States (Charlotte)
26 May Samvel Gasparov 81 Film director Russia (Moscow)
26 May Vladimir Lopukhin 68 Minister of Energy (1991–1992) Russia (Moscow)
27 May Nicholas Rinaldi 86 American poet and novelist United States (Bridgeport)
28 May David Owen Brooks 65 Convicted murderer, accomplice to serial killer Dean Corll United States (Galveston)
28 May Claude Goasguen 75 Member of the National Assembly (since 1997) France (Paris)
28 May Robert M. Laughlin 85 Anthropologist and linguist. Preserver of the Tzotzil language United States (Arlington)
28 May Celine Fariala Mangaza 52 Disabilities activist Democratic Republic of Congo (Bukavu)
29 May Evaldo Gouveia 91 Singer-songwriter Brazil (Fortaleza)
29 May Célio Taveira 79 Footballer Brazil (João Pessoa)
31 May Dan van Husen 75 German actor United Kingdom (Ilminster)
2 June Ghulam Murtaza Baloch 55 Member of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh (since 2016) Pakistan (Karachi)
2 June Chris Trousdale 34 Actor and singer United States (Los Angeles)
3 June Shaukat Manzoor Cheema 66 Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab (since 2008) Pakistan (Lahore)
3 June Mian Jamshed Uddin Kakakhel 65 Member of the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (since 2018) Pakistan (Islamabad)
3 June Adriano Silva 49 Member of the Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso (2016) Brazil (Cuiabá)
4 June Fabiana Anastácio 45 Singer Brazil (São Paulo)
4 June Dulce Nunes 90 Actress, singer-songwriter Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
5 June Carlos Lessa 83 President of the Brazilian Development Bank (2003–2004) Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
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6 June Dietmar Seyferth 91 German-born American chemist
7 June Manuel Felguérez 91 Abstract artist Mexico (Mexico City)
7 June Lynika Strozier 35 Biologist United States (Chicago)
8 June Sardar Dur Muhammad Nasir 61 Member of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan (2013–2018) Pakistan (Karachi)
10 June Jayaraman Anbazhagan 62 Member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly (2001–2006, since 2011) India (Chennai)
10 June Araceli Herrero Figueroa 71 Writer Spain (Lugo)
12 June Ali Hadi Mohsin 53 Footballer Iraq (Baghdad)
13 June Mohammed Nasim 72 Member of the Jatiya Sangsad (1986–1987, 1991–1995, 1996–2006, since 2014), Minister of Health and Family Welfare (2014–2019), Minister of Home Affairs (1999–2001) Bangladesh (Dhaka)
13 June Sheikh Md Abdullah 74 Minister of State of Religious Affairs of Bangladesh Bangladesh (Dhaka)
14 June Elsa Joubert 97 Writer South Africa (Cape Town)
14 June Pierre Lumbi 70 Minister of Foreign Affairs (1992–1994) and Minister of State for Infrastructure, Public Works and Reconstruction (2007–2010) Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa)
14 June Aarón Padilla Gutiérrez 77 Footballer Mexico (Guadalajara)
14 June Haroldo Rodas 74 Minister of Foreign Affairs (2008–2012) Guatemala (Guatemala City)
14 June Raj Mohan Vohra 88 Lieutenant General India (New Delhi)
14 June Tawfiq al-Yasiri Politician Iraq
15 June Renato de Jesus 57 Member of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (1995–2002; 2005–2006 and 2008–2010) Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
15 June Zé Gentil 80 Member of the Legislative Assembly of Maranhão (1987–1991; 1995–1999 and since 2019) Brazil (Teresina)
15 June Giulio Giorello 75 Philosopher, mathematician, and epistemologist Italy (Milan)
15 June Adebayo Osinowo 64 Senator (since 2019) Nigeria (Lagos)
15 June Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran 69 Mayor of Sylhet City Corporation (2003–2013) Bangladesh (Dhaka)
16 June Haribhau Jawale 67 Member of the Lok Sabha (2009–2019) India (Mumbai)
16 June Paulinho Paiakan 66 Leader of the indigenous Kayapo people Brazil (Redenção)
17 June Dan Foster American radio personality Nigeria (Lagos)
18 June Mikhail Ignatyev 58 Head of the Chuvash Republic (2010–2020) Russia (Saint Petersburg)
20 June Kamal Lohani 85 Director general of Shilpakala Academy (2009–2011) Bangladesh (Dhaka)
20 June Mufti Muhammad Naeem 64 Chancellor of Jamia Binoria Pakistan (Karachi)
21 June Marconi Alencar 81 Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ceará (1971–1987) Brazil (Fortaleza)
21 June György Bálint 100 Horticulturist, member of National Assembly (1994–1998) Hungary (Kistarcsa)
21 June Talib Jauhari 80 Islamic scholar Pakistan (Karachi)
21 June Bernardino Piñera 104 Roman Catholic Bishop of Temuco (1960–1977) and Archbishop of La Serena (1983–1990) Chile (Santiago)
21 June Ahmed Radhi 56 Footballer Iraq (Baghdad)
21 June Ken Snow 50 Soccer player United States (Indianapolis)
24 June Mohammed Yaseen Mohammed 57 Iraqi Olympic weightlifter Sweden
23 June Jean-Michel Bokamba-Yangouma 80 Secretary-general of the Congolese Trade Union Confederation (1974–1997) Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville)
25 June Abiola Ajimobi 70 Senator (2004–2007) and Governor of Oyo State (2011–2019) Nigeria (Lagos)
25 June Papaléo Paes 67 Senator (2003–2011) and Vice Governor of Amapá (2015–2018) Brazil (Macapá)
26 June Munawar Hasan 78 Member of the National Assembly (1977) and Emir of Jamaat-e-Islami (2009–2014) Pakistan (Karachi)
26 June Félix Mendonça 92 Member of the Chamber of Deputies (1983–1987 and 1991–2011) Brazil (Salvador)
27 June Antonio Cuenco 84 Member of the Philippines House of Representatives (1965–1969; 1987–1998 and 2001–2010) Philippines
27 June Ilija Petković 74 Football player and coach Serbia (Belgrade)
28 June Nasir Ajanah 64 Chief Judge of Kogi State (since 2004) Nigeria (Gwagwalada)
1 July Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie CEO of the Forestry Commission (since 2017) Ghana (Accra)
1 July Eurídice Moreira 81 Member of the Legislative Assembly of Paraíba (1995–1998) Brazil (João Pessoa)
2 July Wanderley Mariz 79 Member of the Chamber of Deputies (1975–1987) Brazil (Natal)
4 July Bhakti Charu Swami 74 Indian spiritual teacher (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) United States (Florida)

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